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    CryptoAssetFortress is an investment platform built around social collaboration and investor education where users can connect, share and learn.

    At CryptoAssetFortress, we believe in the power of research. With our leading in-house experts, we peel back the layers and harness the driving forces that will help you build wealth sustainably by using cryptocurrency to invest in Agriculture, Real Estate, Metal, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Oil and Energy.

    CryptoAssetFortress’s users can choose from a broad range of asset classes to invest in, including commission free fractional shares and crypto assets.

    A suite of innovative products and features provides a choice of how to invest, and users can trade directly themselves, copy another investor or invest in a portfolio.

    Our commission-free stocks offering continues to expand and currently available for global users.

    Our Vision

    Opening the global markets for everyone to trade and invest in a simple and transparent way. CryptoAssetFortress has created a multi-asset investment platform that is built on social collaboration and investor education: a community where users can connect, share and learn.

    Our Mission

    CryptoAssetFortress is your one-stop destination for investments with our plethora of plans geared towards your needs.


    We strive to remove barriers and make online trading and investing accessible to everyone by making the process simpler and more transparent. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. We also simplify investing by eliminating the need to use multiple platforms. We continue to expand our product offering with the goal of serving all of our users’ wealth management needs in one place.

    Our team.

    Our team consists of an amazing group of financial and trading experts from Canada, The USA, Australia, Greece, and The United Kingdom, with over twelve years of experience in trading stocks, and five years experience in trading Crypto-Currencies.

    At CryptoAssetFortress we, focus on trading and hedging top cap digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more.

    With our amazing plans/packages, our customers are always guaranteed the safety of their investments with us.

    Market analysis and trade inspiration.

    Get news, commentary and actionable trade ideas from the expert analysts.

    Real Estate

    We deal in real estate.

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    Raising equity for Property Developers

    we also raise equity for Property Developers

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    Creating wealth for Investors

    We create wealth for Investors

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    We are always ready
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    Investment Instruments

    We provide investment instruments to facilitate easy investment, accurate investment prediction, risk assessment.


    Countries covered

    We have over 40 countries covered all around the world.